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I met a friend this week who is determined to sing professionally.  They have tried out for American Idol and The Voice and just about every possible vocal TV show …  I think she even tried out for Americas got Talent.  The world of professional music and bands, etc… is so complicated I was a little leary to encourage her without warning her.  “It’s a tough business,” I warned here, “be careful.”

Recently, though I met a voice instructor that I referred her to.  I told her that the best thing I felt she could do would be to get into voice lessons online and improve her technique.  The competition is so rough out there; everyone needs to be as practiced as possible.

She was open to the idea, but I wasn’t convinced that she would buy in.  If you’re out there, trying to break into the professional music scene, whether through a band, musical theatre, or pop music, having some strong vocal ‘chops’ is of the utmost importance.

And as the TV programs increase and the awareness of this process improves the competition only gets stronger and it behooves all the wannabes to get with the program and get some technique and make sure they’re competitive in the marketplace.

It wouldn’t matter what niche within any marketplace that someone chose to occupy, being competitive is crucial.  This often requires further education or training that’s not available to the ‘everyman,’ or the common man.

I found a link online that I though was really great for an online voice instructor that I thought was really impressive.  Her name is Dlytha… not sure how you pronounce that, but she looks like she’s got the history and the ‘chops’ to be an impressive instructor.  She’s located in Dallas Fort Worth but she also does Voice Lessons Online.  Her website is:

If you’re interested in Musical theatre voice or simply want to improve your voice for theatre or pop music, she’s the one.  She can even help you with classical stylings for opera, etc…

She’s awesome.  Anyway, enjoy her website and let me know what you think.

Good luck to you if you’re trying to dive into the professional music world.  It’s a jungle out there.  D’Lytha wrote an article about online voice lessons at:     This was a good one that I thought everyone should check out.

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