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52 SEO Conversations

So it’s that time, again; time for the weekly blog entry I swore an oath to write.  This week, I had an inordinate number of conversations with people about SEO.  Below is my journal entry from last night:

SEO is one of the most common “it” words I hear people say these days.  This afternoon I gabbed with someone who, like endless numbers of people, begged me, ”…throw me a bone here; what’s that stand for?”  This person may possibly turn out to be much of the public, but I believe that SEO stands to be a universally used acronym in a very short time, the way ‘dot com’ became a term likely every person is now familiar with.   SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization,” and it’s a way of employing various tricks, some unusual and some weird, to tweak the web design, content, links, and frequency of articles added in order to slip past presets within the search engine limitations… so that a business can rank for certain search terms… so that you can be discovered during a Google search.   These presets, based on a variety of specific factors, even change occasionally as Google evolves.   The practice of search engine optimization is morphing and developing day by day and I hear about people each month who claims to be starting “my own ‘web consulting’ business” on the side or as a startup.  Because of the ever-changing atmosphere of web business, I believe this climate may prolong into the future, but the number of people who stick with SEO and grow into unadulterated experts in its ever-changing and cutthroat scheme will likely be a meager batch.  This is very likely true, by the way, with any niche job, however the blank canvas of search engine optimization is special and creates a scenario for an excellent opportunity for some with the cleverness to chance it as their permanent profession.   With huge successes from upwardly-mobile groups like, it appears to foreshadow good for a handful who will have the zeal to polish the work and continue on proceeding.   There is quite a bit of cake to be earned, not only for SEO companies helping endeavoring businesses boom, but for the one who absorbs the optimization of the search and then applies it for himself or herself to cash in on his or her own service or line of product.   Despite this wonderful likelihood, SEO can be complex business- terrifying for the technophobe and rather frequently produces a extraordinary handicap to be made up for the computer illiterate striving to take the plunge -definitely if he or she  save the world applying it.  And to the programmer, computer language expert or common web designer, search engine optimization sometimes appears more like a realm for the creative mind.  The high-creative who happens also to have a healthy grasp on confident web design will be the more ideal person to thrive in the SEO marketplace.   I believe I will hear a lot more about the trend for quite possibly a long time to come, but I expect to hear much more about ensuing wide range attrition from the vast majority in the SEO world.  This won’t be due to SEO losing its edge, but it will likely be due to the absence of forward thinking flexibility necessary to persist in the constant reshaping of social media and search engine optimization. For this time of SEO change, I’m intending to move toward small businesses like your SEO confidants at 30ASEO dot com.

What is

So why is this blog called 52?

Fifty-two is the 6th Bell number and a decagonal number. It is an untouchable number, since it is never the sum of proper divisors of any number, and it is a noncototient since it is never the answer to the equation x – φ(x).

In music, there are 52 white keys on a piano.

In Astronomy, the New General Catalogue object NGC 52, is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Pegasus.

And, as we all know, 52 pickup is a fun card game.  So… if those weren’t reason enough, the biggest reason this blog is called 52, is because I’ve set out on a self-discipline mission to blog here at least once a week for a year.  That, of course, means 52 blog entries on this website within 365 days.  Thus the name,